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Hello ! It's good to still see that I'm on people's friends list! lol `=D Now that I'm on spring break, I thought I'd actually post something. =] It's been so long and I just don't really have the time anymore to log on to LJ. My last real, proper entry was back in September! I'll spare all the little details that has happened in the past 6 months and just talk about a few main things that have been going on. Hopefully some of you will read through this, especially with all the pictures ! =]

Since December, I've been preoccupied for party preparations for my sister's 18th birthday party. She's having this big party at a hotel next month and she's having a cotillion as well. Her and her friends will be performing 3 ballroom dances and 1 modern/hip hop piece. My sister initially didn't want me in any of her dances, but she has allowed me to be in her hip hop piece, only because some of her friends asked that I could be in it. `;P I've honestly been stressing myself out SO much for this party.. probably more than I should, but I just want the party to turn out nice. I haven't seen a bunch of these people in years and however the party turns out will reflect upon my family. I also tend to be a perfectionist at times so it just adds on more to the stress. `;P I only have one more month to deal with all of this and then I'll be free! lol

Now, for the exciting thing that happened to me last week ! `=D So, some of you might remember that I met Quest Crew last year.. see this entry to refresh your memory. =]  It was like one of the best nights ever because I got to meet them, take pictures, etc. Especially because my favorite, Victor, kept the sign I made for him and he put the picture of me and him as his default facebook picture. haha =D

Anyway, back to the present! Last Tuesday night, I found out that Quest Crew was coming to jersey on Friday night to perform at Harrah's Pool After Dark! I immediately told my cousin and she said she was definitely down for going even though it was a 2 hour drive. [Dedication right there! lol] I felt like it was last minute to prepare something, but I managed to make a few things for Victor. =] I made a design and I had my sister screen print it on a t-shirt. I also made a CD full of songs that I wish he'd cover because I love it when he sings. :] I even made a cover for the cd and it came out pretty nice! I also wrote a note, saying, "I don't know if you remembered me, but I was the girl..." I made the cd, the cd cover, and the note literally 2 hours before I had to leave. lol The quality of everything could've been better, but it was alright. I'll put the rest of the details under the cut !

'Just want to say I had a real good time. I think I really feel all right and I don't ever wanna say goodbye.'Collapse )

Whew. That was a lot to write. lol but I just want to recall everything that happened. =] I was on cloud 9 the whole night. Hands down, it was definitely the best night of 2010 for me. I was SO happy.. I still get happy and giddy just thinking about it! haha.. all part of being a Questie though. lol *sigh* I seriously love these guys ! They're so chill and nice to their fans. I just wished they'd come here more often. lol `;P

Next week's my birthday and I always hate trying to put together something for everyone to come to. Especially with more of my friends being 21 now, I can go party with them.. I'm just having trouble deciding on a location. If the place has good music, there's not really a crowd. If there's a big crowd, they usually have sucky music. I just wish there was some place that met a happy medium. sigh. But aside from that, I'll be attending my first Broadway show with my bff on Wednesday! I'm quite excited! We'll be watching Wicked. I've always wanted to watch it ever since I sang a song from it when I was in high school concert choir. Hopefully I'll be able to report back after all the festivities. ^_^

I hope everyone's doing well ! I'll be commenting within this week. hehe.

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I feel like I've been so out of touch with everyone for the past month, but my summer session will be ending in 11 days and then I'M FREE! So in 11 days, I will stop being a horrible friend and I will comment on entries more frequently. `=] Sorry for not being there.. I'm glad that no one has removed me though. *hugs F-list*

This post is basically me fan-girling after watching two movies this week.
*click on pictures to enlarge for the awesomeness.*

I only saw Star Trek this week and I thought it was amazing. `;] I know I'm really late on it, but I haven't had much free time to go out. My friend, Jessica, is in love with Spock and she's been catching up on the series. I think I just might have to join her and have like marathons once a week or something. hehe

Chris Pine is one fine Captain Kirk. `;] haha. I've always thought he was cute since I first saw him in Princess Diaries, but Star Trek just made me like him even more =P [sigh] him and his blue eyes.

I just saw The Proposal today and I thought it was such a cute rom-com. I naturally love both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. They're just so funny and when you put them together, they are just awesome. ;] Betty White was in it as well and she is just adorable in the movie. hehe. OH! and SPOILER! but definitely a highlight of the movie for me is Sandra Bullock singing and dancing to GET LOW! hahah. I'd definitely recommend it for others to see for a good laugh.

But wow, Ryan is so loveable in the movie. I definitely was not expecting to see both him and Sandra so.. exposed. lol Let me tell you, they are both in ridiculously good shape! Scarlett Johannson is so lucky to be married to Ryan. forreal. lol [sighs]

Okay, I think I've swooned over them enough for one weekend. *wipes off drool* I hope everyone had a good weekend! `;D

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Hello, everyone! It's been awhile since I updated. It's been crazy with finals and then I got sick the day before my last final. That didn't go too well, but let's just hope for a BIG curve. `=/ I'm still recovering and it sucks that over-the-counter medicine just doesn't seem to work on me anymore. I was only prescribed antibiotics yesterday and I'm feeling better than when I did 2 days ago. It sucks that I start summer session on Monday already and I'm stuck at home recovering instead of enjoying my few days of freedom. `=P

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.
Mine was pretty uneventful. I didn't know what to get my mother because she really doesn't ask for much and even when I do get her something she would like or she could use, she puts them aside and never uses them. O_O lol So instead, I just treated her out to watch Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. The movie was okay... probably not worth paying the theater ticket price. lol I should write a review on it later.

I'm quite late in posting about this, but I thought it was still worth posting it. Andy Samberg is crazy with his digital shorts! Add Justin Timberlake to it and it's even crazier. I hope this embeds right. lol =P

Is it weird that I find Justin Timberlake attractive in this get up?
O_O lol This was a good follow-up to D in a Box. He also did this skit where he was dressed up as Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean. People always told me Justin and Orlando looked alike, but I wasn't completely sold on it until I saw this skit. He really could pass off as Will Turner! haha Sigh. I love it when Justin hosts SNL. lol `;] If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely google it!

Sorry I haven't been catching up with everyone's entries. I plan on being more involved now. `=] Btw, how are everyone's summer plans looking? Nothing much for me, but supposedly anticipating a trip to California in August. Don't know if it's official yet, but I'm hoping it will pull through! I haven't been there in 2 years and I really miss it there.

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05 May 2009 @ 09:23 pm
This weekend has seriously been busy and yet wonderful. I was fortunate enough to catch Quest and Beat Freaks when they performed here in Jersey on Saturday! I even got to meet them after the show and it was all so AMAZING! It was seriously one of THE best nights ever!

Please excuse the cheesy looks I have.. I was literally too excited to meet Quest. haha `;D I have a lot of pictures from their performance, but I feel like this entry is long enough already so I just posted what pretty much summed up my weekend. `=] Here's a teaser picture from their performance and follow the cut for all the pictures! `;D

'Fold 'em, let 'em hit me, raise it, baby stay with me.'Collapse )

I feel like I haven't even said everything that happened that night, but I love Quest! Seriously chill guys and they're so talented at everything they do. I expect great things to come from them. I'm totally down for seeing them again the next time they make it over here. `;D

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Glad today is finally over with. I had a presentation/debate and it wasn't so bad. Now, I have Friday to look forward to - a 5 page paper due and a final both at 8 am! Grrrreeeeat. Then, I have 5 essays [as part of a take-home final] to complete by Monday along with another final. You gotta love college. -_-

I was just browsing Facebook and I saw someone post this on one of my friend's walls. I don't know where it's from, but I found the quote quite interesting:

"Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up. If a guy punches you he likes you. Never try to trim your own bangs and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Every movie we see, every story we're told, implores us to wait for it. The third act twist, the unexpected declaration of love, the exception to the rule. But sometimes we're so focused on finding our happy ending. We don't learn how to read the signs, how to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don't, the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave. And maybe a happy ending doesn't include a guy, maybe... it's you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is... just... moving on. Or maybe the happy ending is this: knowing after all the unreturned phone calls, broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment... you NEVER gave up hope." --HJNTITY.

That's all I wanted to post for today. I'm just procrastinating really badly on that 5-page paper. lol =P

[EDIT @ 11;24pm]

Thanks to sweetdreamer24, I found out the above quote was from He's Just Not That Into You. So I did some googling and here are other quotes I found to be useful too. I guess I do need to stop hating on it and reread the book. lol `=P

'You're waiting for someone to put you together. You're waiting for someone to push you away. There's always another wound to discover. There's always something more you wish he'd say.'Collapse )"


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18 April 2009 @ 07:45 pm
I finally changed my layout! lol I'm glad I finally took the time to do it, but it's not a layout I made. I have winsomewords to thank. =]

So today I went to the movies with my younger sister to watch 17 again with Zac Efron. I initially was interested in watching the movie when it leaked online or went on dvd, but my sister begged me to go with her. lol I was a bit hesitant to go because I really didn't want to go on opening weekend and have to deal with all the crazed preteens gushing about Zac. Fortunately, there really weren't any people that went to the showing we went to so I got to enjoy the movie. lol I must say that Zac did an awesome job in this movie. I'll go more into detail under the cut for those that don't want to be spoiled. =]

'I said from the start that you could take it or leave it.'Collapse )

Overall, I'd recommend this movie for those that are looking for a bit of entertainment. Zac was funny and did a good job acting as a father. Take a few of your girl friends with you and just gush over how cute Zac is in this movie. =P I mean, come on, you can't resist the smile. lol

And as for answering the question if I would like to be 17 again.. hmmm. Probably not. The year I turned 17 was kind of a downfall for me. I think when I was 16 in my sophomore year was my favorite year out of high school because it was still care-free. Didn't have to worry about college yet. heh. I'm sure everyone has many things that they wish they could go back and change, but life doesn't work that way. Oh, if life could be a movie...

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THANK YOU EVERYONE that has greeted my happy birthday with all their posts. I feel so special. I love my f-list! *hugs you all tightly!*

I'm beyond tired
because I spent the day in the city yesterday with the bff and I didn't get to sleep until 4:30 am [I also woke u at 8. O_O] At the same time, I'm kinda all excited for many unknown reasons. lol I'll be sure to post about all the festivities later on. Until I return with full details, this post is basically eye candy. I just wanted to quickly throw this little pic spam together of Justin Timberlake, Robert Pattinson, Ed Westwick, and Quest Crew. `=D I originally planned to do a list of 21 of my favorite things, but what I've done alone was pretty time consuming. =P The pictures I chose are not my only favorites. I've only put in a few due to the space I had to work with. Click on the pictures to enlarge them a bit. If I put them in original size, they mess up my layout. =P Hope you enjoy! `=D


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Can I just say how RELIEVED! and HAPPY! I am right now? I just finished off my last midterm a little over 2 hours ago and I decided to skip my last class because really, no one would've been there anyway. =P That class (Earth Systems) sucks anyway and I can't believe I did worse on the 2nd exam than the first. At least the lowest grade is dropped. I'm just awaiting for my exam grade for my policy class and today's exam. But forget about school! On to spring break!

Unfortunately, I won't be going anywhere particularly interesting over break. I'm just looking forward to relaxing and not caring about anything. Oh, how I look forward to sleeping in. `=D I come back and I realize that I'm terribly behind on my f-list. Sorry, it's all too much to catch up with. =P I'll be following everyone from this point on until my next exams come up again. =P lol

A quick update on my uncle in Virginia. He's recovering well! I'm so happy and relieved about this. He's currently undergoing rehab. They say he's doing well. It sucks that I won't be able to make a trip down to see him during break. `=/ Hopefully soon though!

So as I've mentioned awhile back, Robert Pattinson is supposed to be on the cover of GQ and alas, his cover was unveiled yesterday. It's spread all over the internet, but it wouldn't hurt to post the cover picture one more time. lol The other pictures have me [and the whole fandom] at a loss of words. lol I haven't read the entire article yet, but the few snippets I've read seem very interesting. I'll definitely be picking up a copy for myself.. and despite what many other fans are doing, I won't buy two. lol I've learned from my obsession with Justin Timberlake that two copies is just wasting my money. =P lol

Twilight is coming out next Saturday! Ahh, I can't believe that me, my sister, and a friend of mine are actually considering going to one of the Midnight release parties at Borders. lol I haven't decided which dvd version is the best though! I'm torn between Borders and Target. Borders has a nice cover and it comes with the pictures, but Target is a 3-disc edition, I think? AND it comes with an ipod download? Which ones are you all buying? Guh, decisions, decisions.. Oh, Summit, how you like to suck all the money out of the fandom. =P Btw, has everyone seen the set pictures that were posted yesterday? Definitely wasn't aware that the whole cast smokes. (Although I didn't see Ashley or Taylor smoking.) They really must've had some crazy nights filming Twilight. Oh, and I must mention that the wigs for Alice and Rosalie are muuuuch improved. They actually look like real hair! lol I'm really hoping New Moon won't suck. O_O

Oh, and one last quick note before I end this. I know I'm pretty late in writing about this, but I've just been so busy. I just wanted to say how much I love Quest Crew and how happy I am for them winning America's Best Dance Crew over a week ago. `=D I'm seriously in love with Hok Konishi and Victor Kim. ♥ Sigh. Victor Kim is on YouTube. I love his singing. =P That is all. lol `=D

I think that's all I'll write for today and no meme either. Don't want to make it too long. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! `=D

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07 February 2009 @ 05:32 pm

Initially, I was a little skeptical about this movie because I read the book a couple of years ago and didn't find it "amazing" as people have praised it to be. When I found out it was being made into a movie, I was curious to see how it was going to turn out.

Surprisingly enough, I thought it was a cute movie and I'd recommend it for a good night out with the girls (which is what I did!). We had a good laugh about some of the things that happened in the movie. Despite that there were so many stories to follow, they were all linked in some way. I won't say any more for those that don't want to be spoiled. For those that want to read the rest of my review, follow under the cut!

And off topic, but I'm glad that Erin McCarley has been making her rounds in television and movies. I've been following her music since a couple years back and I think she totally deserves the promotion. `=)

Are you the exception...or are you the rule?Collapse ) 

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29 January 2009 @ 10:54 pm

Because it is Thursday, it was quite uneventful. I ended up filling out another one of these. Stole this from my sister on Facebook this time. It's true when they say that the music on your ipod really does say a lot about a person. So, here's another meme that involves your player on shuffle. :)